Quran Program

Quran Curriculum

Quaeeda, Tajweed, and Memorization


Kindergarten students memorize Surat Al-fatiha and 10 small Surahs, one Surah per month. Students also learn the letters of alphabet from a Quaeeda Book with a Quran print.

Grades 1st – 2nd

Students Practice Quaeeda, and learn reading from the Quran. Review the 10 Surahs memorized in Kindergarten. Memorize the first Surah of Juz 30th Surah An-Nabae and Surah An-Naziaat.

Grades 3rd -4th

Student are taught individually Quaeeda and Tajweed.

Once they master the rules of reading very well, they start the Hifz, at a rate of about five lines a day.

Grades 5th -6th

5th Grades Students are still taught individually some Quaeeda and Tajweed, and also Hifz. 6th grade are doing hifz only.